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Iris Chapman
Iris Chapman

Ahayah Ashar Ahayah is the One True God

Bible Reader, Researcher and Publisher

The one constant in my life has been the search for The Most High God and those who are following Him in the true teachings of the Bible. I am a Bible researcher. I have been a former baptized student of many denominations of Christianity and a baptized publisher with Jehovah’s Witnesses for over 30 years.

My Profession

I am a personal coach. I am also a trained hypnotherapist and  Reiki master though I no longer practice either of these disciplines.

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Who Are You Worshiping?

If you had asked me at any time in my life, “Who are you worshiping?” I would have told you,

“I am worshiping The Most High God.” But I would have been wrong. I started going to church on my own, my mother and father never took me, with neighbors and friends from school around the time I was seven or eight years old. I started with Holiness and eventually went to most every Christian denomination I could find. I finally settled on Jehovah’s Witnesses and stayed with them most of my adult life. 

I would have never have left Jehovah’s Witnesses had I not had a spiritual experience I could not deny. I soon left the Kingdom Hall but I still had not found the way to The Most High.

Still under Satan’s Hand

I began to use tarot cards, divining, astrology, metaphysics, hypnotherapy, yoga and other so-called spiritual tools. In my confusion from leaving what I thought was true, and then finding out it was not true, I fell into looking everywhere even places I had been told not to go before. How could I trust anyone? I continued to pray though I couldn’t call on Jehovah. He is Satan himself.

Fasting and Prayer Released Me

Now, I must tell you that all the things I was into did work just like the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad promised. Yet, fortunate for me before I got too far down the path of no return, I Am That I Am corrected me. Through fasting and prayer I was able to finally find The Most High God. Now I know that if a person does not call upon I Am That I Am and follow the law he is under Satan no matter what he thinks he is doing. The whole world belongs to Satan and they are all calling upon Satan and the demons thinking they are worshiping The Most High God, though many know they are not and want to worship Satan.

Prayer and Healing

Revelation 1:14-15

A few years ago I had lost my desire to pray to god once I found out that Jehovah is another name for Baal and Osiris the pagan god of Babylon. I didn’t know who to call upon. I now know that prayer to The Most High God, I Am That I Am (in Hebrew Ahayah Ashar Ahayah), in the name of his son Yashaya (some ignorantly calling him Jesus) and the laying on of hands as per the Bible, is the most powerful healing tool mankind has been given. Healing is the one thing every person on the face of this earth needs more than anything; especially healing from the injuries lies have inflicted.


Hebrew of the Tribe of Judah

I have discovered and claimed the fact that I am a Jew, a member of the tribe of Judah, through my father, though my mother also has the bloodline. I have also discovered the truth about the origins of all the conflicts we see on the earth today. I am a blogger. I will use this blog as a platform to tell the things I have to share. 

Family is Important

I have been married to the same man, my best friend, for 37 years. I have five grown children; one son and four daughters all of which I am very fond and proud.

Many Blessing to You,

Iris J Chapman

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