Aquarius Inspired Boho Chic in Plus Size

Aquarius inspired boho chic, in plus size, is so much fun. We can bring the revolutionary out in ourselves.

The personal revolution within ourselves that says, “I am here. I want to live and have fun.”

After all, why shouldn’t we plus size gals come to the party? Besides, the stars are aligned for it.

Under the influence of Aquarius, we can become our own personal trendsetter.

Feeling perhaps unusually comfortable in our own skin, we can tend to know more of what trends work for us.

We can be avant-garde to our hearts consent under the Aquarius influence. This look can be so – us. Even if it’s only during the period of January 20 thru February 18.

Video: Aquarius Inspired Plus Size Dressing

The Colors of Aquarius Inspired Boho Chic

White Yellow
 White is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The color meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion Yellow inspires creativity. It’s the color of new ideas, helping us to find new ways of doing things.
Lilac Electric Blue
 Lilac like other purples inspires  futuristic thinking, the imagination and dreams, while also calming the emotions.  Blue is reliable and responsible. This color inspires an inner security and confidence

Silver is a precious metal and, like gold, often symbolizes riches and wealth. Silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul, helping us to see ourselves as others see us. As a gemstone silver represents hope, unconditional love, meditation, mystic visions, tenderness, kindness, sensitivities, and psychic abilities.

We should let the Aquarian colors influence us especially during the time of Aquarius, January 20, thru February 18. Trying the colors of silver, electric sky blue, yellow, white, or lilac can synchronize us with the heavenly bodies that benefit natural born Aquarians. Even if we just wear them as accents or accessories. 

The Aquarian inspired boho outfits below are both fun, eclectic, and make me feel like smiling. I wore silver jewelry with all of the outfits.


I chose a sweatshirt, shorts and Manitobah Mukluk (Spirit) boots for my white outfit.



The yellow outfit is a dress, jeans with embroidered flowers, a grey vest and blue Spring Step L’Artiste shoes.


The patterned lilac button down shirt with the embroidered jeans is very fun and quite lovely. I paired this with the blue Spring Step L’Artiste shoes.

Electric Blue

The blue outfit is a tunic top over leggings. The jacket is an electric blue faux leather tie dye. I paired this with blue suede boots.

Put on an Aquarian Personality Trait

As far as an Aquarian trait to try to manifest in ourselves during this time of the year, I suggest friendliness. Aquarians are known for their friendliness. Putting on this personality trait for this Aquarian inspired period of time may help us to set the tune for the rest of the year.

How can that be a bad thing?

The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk say of Aquarius, “Astrologers are fond of this eleventh sign of the zodiac, for Aquarius is the sign of the future, of the visionary, some say of astrology itself. Aquarians are unorthodox, original people – sort of wacky, witty madcaps who refuse to follow the crowd and go their own way. You like being different. You not only march to a different drummer, you make up new music as you go along.”

Your Myers-Briggs Personality equivalent is ENTP. More about this later.

Thank you Aquarians for the inspiration.

Separator by Gordon Johnson of Pixabay
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