Are You God?

Are you god? Most people today make decisions rashly and never stop to think what is the will of the Most High. We have become a nation of robots who react according to the demons who influence us thinking we are doing our own will.

Who Are You Worshiping?

Do you realize that you are worshiping someone no matter what you might think. Either you are worshiping the Most High or you are worshiping Satan. There is no other choice. Are you a god in your own eyes? You have been deceived. How?

Are You God?

This is a struggle for men that is well documented throughout the Bible. The bottom line is, our overall purpose, our reason in life, is to fear the Most High and keep His commandments.

The Hebrew and Bible Academy

Watch the following video. It will point out Biblically the folly of worshiping yourself.



Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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