Going Deeper With Your Breath

The first, and only, time I took a breathing class, I was hooked. It was many years ago with a group that met once a week to be exposed to what was available in the spiritual community in Albuquerque. The woman explained to us why breathe was important to be conscious of and how it would benefit us.

After her explanation, she had us to re-arrange our chairs from facing the west wall to being in a circle. She stood in the middle. Then she took us on a journey that began with just following our breath, wide eyed, in and out to closed eyed rhythmic breaths that sounded like music. It was wonderful.

Be Mindful of Your Breathing

If we are honest, how many of us have thought about our breath today? Truthfully, it doesn’t require a whole lot of extra thought. But there is value in taking note of this essential present called breath.

Most people breathe using only the top one-third of their lungs without even realizing it. Those shallow breaths don’t give a body the oxygen it needs to thrive. But deep breaths reset the physical body, taking a person out of the stressful patterns it is so easy to get locked into.

Take a Deep Loving Breath

Better, more improved breathing is a great way to show love for yourself. Over time you will find that deep breathing helps you relax faster and achieve a clearer state of mind.

You can start breathing better right now. You don’t have to buy any fancy gadgets or get any expensive memberships or even carve any time out of your day to make this change. All that is necessary is that you become more conscious about your inhales and your exhales. Enjoy it and repeat.

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