Candle Magic

Candles can add atmosphere in ways that nothing else can. It is nothing less than magical.

From the time that I had my first apartment, I have used candles to add love to my life. Candles are a wonder that never go out of style. I like candles of all kinds. I love the ones that come in decorative glass containers.

I love candles that are formed into interesting shapes

I love candles that are loaded with interesting ingredients.

And of course, I love candles that are infused with intoxicating scents

Candles are a positive link to the past

Sometimes when I look at candles I wonder what makes them such a demanded item. They, in most cases, are not needed for light. Even in sanctuaries where candles are burned they are rarely a light source. They are there mostly for their meditative qualities to ease us into a prayerful state.

Really, candles are a luxury item because they can cost quite a bit. Especially, for something I am just going to sit and smell and watch burn and enjoy the experience of it.

Candles can take me back to a time when every moment wasn’t filled with distractions. A candle can easily lull me into quietness of mind. It can seduce me into a meditative state where time passes unnoticed and I am all the better for it. A burning candle is a hypnotist of the energetic kind. One who never has to speak a word but helps me to uncover secrets if I am willing.

Candle Love

When my eyes flicker upon the candles in my home, whether lit or not, I know that I have claimed this space as my sanctuary. It is a place where I feel tranquil and relaxed. It has become home to me. Candles are sensuous and I have used them from bathtime to sharing time with my love interest. I hope you have incorporated candles into your life. If you have, how do you use them?


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