For Whom Should Christians Vote?

Should Christians vote? In any election season there is an inert question for Christians, “For whom should I vote?” Does it make sense that some Christians are voting for one candidate while others are voting for another?

The Christian’s vote

There is a lot of emotion and debate surrounding the time of election. Who is it that Christians should be electing to stand for their best interest? Does this political world, who belongs to Satan, have representatives who are following in the way of Yashaya Christ Our Savior. Have we been mislead into thinking that voting has any real chance of changing the schemes that Satan has set for this world? Or do you believe that your vote will make Satan bend to the will of the people?

The Hebrew and Bible Academy

Where Can a Christian Get Guidance?

Has the Most High God, Ahayah, left us without guidance in this matter. What is the reasoning that a Christian can use to guide them through these time periods? The following video will discuss the matter.

What the Election Process Means for the Believers in Christ


Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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