Proclaiming the True Doctrine of Baptism

Downplaying or denying Christ’s doctrine of baptism is wrong. It is Antichrist. Christ showed us the way and we should follow it for redemption.

Water Baptism

The Doctrine of Christ

Some say that water baptism belongs to John the Baptist only and not to Christ. Is that true?

Christ Yashaya himself was baptized. He was baptized before he began to teach. Also, the Bible brings out that the apostles, who were accomplishing the teachings of Christ, were continuing to baptize people even after his death. 

Acts 2:41 “Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.” Three thousands souls were baptized with water that day. 

Baptism is a fundamental principal that separated Christ’s doctrine from all the other doctrines that were prevalent during his time on earth. It is the same today.

Don’t be fooled

Baptism is more important than all the rhetoric that distracts us. Will distractive speech help us to make it into the kingdom of God. No. But, water baptism is a perfect step that will help us prepare for the kingdom. The following video will provide Biblical proof that water baptism is still a requirement for Christ followers.

The Hebrew and Bible Academy

Video: Leaving the True Doctrine of Baptism


Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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