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The Ego and Self Preservation: Mysticology 101

The ego and self preservation is the backbone of what is wrong with the world today. The ego is more interested in self preservation that in our best interest. Everything in this world was created to work together well. The only thing that throws the system off balance is the ego. 

The ego was created by us out of fear. The ego is fear personified. It doesn’t have a body of its own it lives in ours. 

I Perceive a Prison

The ego convinces us of the fear. Then it builds a prison around us that it warns us not to leave. The dangers the ego has blown out of proportion are not real.  The prison it has built is not real. And ironically, the ego itself is not real. 

ego and self preservation

The only real thing thing in the whole equation is us. Not our body – us.


The Bible guarantees us of the second coming of Christ. The second coming of Christ means the end of the ego’s rule and the healing of the mind. The freeing of ourselves out of the prison that has kept us in fear for so long.

The Ego and Self Preservation in Action

The ego instinctively knows this and will try to convince us that Christ is not real. The ego dwells in our lower mind. That is it’s home. That is where it wants us to stay. For if we venture into our higher minds, the home of the Holy Spirit, we will find Christ.

The Christ mind will join with ours and joined together there’s no fear and we can not be defeated. With the Christ mind we can see that the nightmares and fears that have frozen us into inaction or have called us to action are perceptions of judgement.

We have judged something good or bad and now are acting on false assumptions. Judge not and the state of our minds will become more aligned with Christ’s and with the mind of God.

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