Enemies Within Our Community

Warning Israelites, we have enemies within our community! The breakdown of the family, incarceration, the drug epidemic, health issues of all kinds, so-called alternative lifestyles and more have done massive damage to us. Who is to blame?

The War From Within

The knee jerk answer to why we allow evil to fester in our lives without any control is that it is the “white man”. According to the Bible, we are a royal nation yet we claim that the white man has destroyed us; the Latinos, the Blacks, the Indians, and the indigenous throughout the earth. Yes, we definitely have help to destroy ourselves from without, but could it be that we have even more powerful enemies from within our community.

Enemies Within Our Community

The truth is enemies within can be even more powerful than the ones without. The video below will bring out the ills of the communities of Hebrews and discuss how we came to this. What is more, much needed remedies will be discussed.

The Hebrew and Bible Academy



Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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