The Power of Fasting to Defeat Demonic Forces

Why use the power of fasting to defeat demonic forces? We can use fasting in this way because it was the original and best way to battle against evil spirits.

Sorcery Used to Try to Control the Whole World

No One is Exempt From Spiritual Attacks

The United States especially, is bombarded with prescription drugs to try to have everybody under the effects of drugs to cause psychosis. Now, that might seem like an unreasonable statement. The reality is most drugs, although they may have some vital use for the taker, have more than likely been laced with another drug that will open the door for demonic forces. We are at war and the enemy has no care how he takes us down. Attack and take down through drugs is just fine with him. The him I am talking about is Satan (Lucifer) and the demonic forces.

Fasting to Defeat Demonic Forces

There seems to be an epidemic of mental health issues. People are suffering from depression up to seriously disturbed mental issues where they are a danger not only to themselves but also to society.

In the Bible there is no such thing as mental health problems. There is only demon possession. There is only one name that will save you from them. Spiritual warfare needs a spiritual resolve not a medical narcotic.

Romans 10:13

  • 13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord (Yashaya) shall be saved.

The demonic forces have us fooled because we don’t know what demons are, who they are, where they came from or what is their agenda. If we don’t know who our enemy is and how he operates there is no way to defeat him. The following video will show Bibically who the evil forces are, their agenda and most importantly how to fight them.

The Hebrew and Bible Academy


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Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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