Is Food as Poison for American Blacks?

Food as poison. What started out as a slave diet of necessity has morphed into a traditional diet of ill health and death.

A Foreign Diet in a Foreign Land

As we consider the state of health in the true Hebrew (black) communities, we see ill health and premature death. Much of the reason is the herbal health reviewtraditional foods that we have adopted as our heritage. These foods are not for us. These foods are the foods our slave masters fed us and the descendants of the slave masters continue to encourage us to eat unhealthy foods. In fact, the most unhealthy types of foods are the ones that are most readily available in the communities were the most blacks reside.

They are using food as poison, a societal acceptable type of genocide.

Food as Poison

food as poison

Historically, the slave masters gave the captured men and women of Israel, who were refugees in Africa, the least healthy food while they and their families ate the food that was most healthy. Over time, as Hebrews forgot who they were and all the rich heritage they left behind, they adopted the fabricated history and traditions forced upon them as foreigners in the foreign lands of America and the islands round about. 

The Hebrew and Bible Academy

Below is a video on the state of the Hebrew (Black) diet and the resulting ill affects of it. Knowledge is the most important tool for our empowerment. Please watch the video to empower yourself and your family.  

Video: The Post Traumatic Slave Diet


Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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