Is the Gathering of Christ Church a Cult?

The Gathering of Christ Church believes the fundamental foundation of truth, from the Bible, is the test that will determine whether a teaching is true and lead by Holy Spirit or false, a cult.

Does the Gathering of Christ Church Have the Spirit of Jim Jones?

The Gathering of Christ Church is definitely not a cult. Why do i say that? I have many, many decades of research under my belt. I have studied the Gathering of Christ Church with a learned eye and have found that they are self taught Bible scholars, lead by the Holy Spirit. They are a group that realizes the Bible was mainly written for the Hebrew Israelites and follows the Bible literally. This fundamental foundation of truth is the test that will determine whether a teaching is true or false, a cult.

The truth of the Bible and what is taught in most so called Christian Churches, Kingdom Halls or whatever is two different things. To regain God’s pleasure you must follow The Most High God (I Am That I Am) in the Spirit of Christ. Isaiah 8:20, To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them; KJV.

The Law of the Bible is not taught nor is it encouraged in mainstream organized religion. The law was given to God’s people to distinguish them from the heathen nations. Now that the heathen nations are in control of the world, they are not about to assist God’s people find their God and keep his commandments because this would bring the Hebrew Israelites into alignment with the Most Powerful God of All, Ahayah Asher Ahayah, I Am That I Am.

Yet, some say the church is another Jim Jones type organization. They are not! To help prove my point I have included in this article a portion of an article sponsored by San Diego State University and a video from the Gathering of Christ Church in defense of themselves.

Below is the excerpt from an article on Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple sponsored by San Diego State University:

The Secret Life of Jim Jones: 
A Parapolitical Fugue

by Jim Hougan

“What follows is an interim report about Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple. In so far as it has a central thesis, it is that the “mass-suicide” that took place at Jonestown in 1978 was, in reality, a massacre. It seems to me that this much can be proven by reference to the medical evidence—particularly the evidence collected by the Guyanese pathologist, Dr. Leslie Mootoo.

The importance of this conclusion should be obvious. To suggest that hundreds of members of the Peoples Temple murdered their children and killed themselves is, in this writer’s view, a blood libel on those who died there. Indeed, it seems comparable to contending that because Jews worked in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, and walked to their deaths in gas-chambers, they, too, committed “suicide.”

A second argument put forward in these pages is that Jones instigated the massacre because he feared that Congressman Leo Ryan’s investigation would disgrace him. Specifically, Jones appears to have been terrified that Ryan and the press would uncover information that the leftist founder of the Peoples Temple was for many years a witting stooge, or agent, of the FBI and the CIA. This concern was, I believe, mirrored in various precincts of the U.S. intelligence community, where it was feared that Ryan’s investigation would embarrass the CIA by linking Jones to some of the Agency’s most volatile programs and operations.

This may be why the cult-leader’s 201-file was purged by the CIA immediately after Jones’s friend, and suspected case-officer, Dan Mitrione, died. And it may also be why Congressman Ryan’s contingent was escorted to Jonestown by the CIA’s undercover chief-of-station in Guyana, Richard Dwyer. ” Read more by clicking on link: Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple 

Following is a video from The Gathering of Christ Church addressing the subject of their church and truth or cult.

Video: Truth or Cult?



Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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