Don’t Let Disappointment Depress You

Handle disappointment gracefully by learning how to relax, build in flexibility and clear your mind in ways you would never have imagined.

Learn to Deal With Disappointment Gracefully 

Disappointment – the feeling we get when reality fails to match up to our expectations – is an unpleasant experience we’ve all known. And sometimes it can seem as if life is nothing but a long series of disappointments, one after the other. Our standard reaction to this is to feel hard done by. A victim. There’s nothing we could have done to prevent it, after all, is there?

But actually it is possible to significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of disappointments in your life. And you don’t have to wait for all your dreams to come true to enjoy greater freedom from disappointment.

Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems. ~ Gever Tulley

Affirmations, Activities and Hypnotherapy to Handle Disappointment Gracefully


Choose an affirmation and repeat several times daily or during meditation handle disappointment gracefully

  • I am strong, capable and resilient
  • I can and I will rise from every challenge
  • Resilience is natural to me and I know I will be all right


Examples of My Resilience

List time in your life when you’ve show resilience. For example, recovering after a long illness, getting back to dating after a relationship breakup, looking for a new job after losing one.

Know that you are stronger and more resilient than you may give yourself credit for. Trust that you can handle any challenge that comes your way and promise to never give up on your hope, determination and persistence. 


Develop a Flexible Mind That Easily ‘Manages Your Expectations’ Using Hypnosis

Disappointment is no coincidence

It’s important to understand how disappointment differs from the regular slings and arrows of life. Misfortunes may come to anyone, and be quite beyond our control. Physical, social and economic difficulties may beset us. Sometimes, of course, our own actions contribute to such problems, but we can also be quite innocent victims. But disappointment is always connected with our own behavior and beliefs.

And that means we can do something about disappointment.

How we set ourselves up for disappointment

We feel disappointed when something that we expected to happen does not happen. I’m not talking about, for example, hoping that the sun will shine for the picnic, and then feeling upset when it’s cold and damp on the day. The sun has no commitment to shine for us on a particular day, and although we might mind when it doesn’t do so, we can hardly claim that the sun ‘let us down’, or ‘disappointed’ us.

I’m talking about those situations where we build up in our minds a detailed picture of how a future event, or relationship, or process, is going to turn out – and then believe that this is actually what will happen. When it doesn’t, we feel like we’ve been smacked in the face. But what we have done here is construct a fantasy. Why should any fantasy match reality?

The importance of positive expectation

Does this mean you should renounce working on positive visualization of future outcomes, which every life coach and therapist claims is essential for success in life? Far from it! We need the boost that positive expectations bring us to motivate us into action. And we need to create powerful images of future success to enable us to persevere in pursuit of our goals. What we don’t need is to lose our sense of proportion.

The art of managing expectations wisely

The key is to learn to ‘manage our own expectations’. It helps to remember that our expectations start from within. And we need to look closely at what we base them on, to see if they are realistic. And then we need to remember that life is full of unexpected twists, so our future fantasies must include dealing with situations which turn out differently from what we imagined. In other words, we must build in flexibility.

Tall order?

Using hypnosis to help you deal with disappointment

Not only can you become a master of your expectations, but you can do so much faster than you might think. Dealing with disappointment is an audio hypnosis session which utilizes the power of your unconscious mind to fast track you through powerful life-changing processes.

With the help of Dealing with disappointment you will learn how to relax and clear your mind in ways you would never have imagined. This will allow you to enter a powerful learning state in which your brain can quickly and easily establish neural pathways to support and sustain new beneficial patterns of behavior. 

Access a Quiet Mind Any Time, Any Place

Life is crowded and busy. Constant media messages, commercials, texts, emails, worries, problems, phone calls, TV and internet, things to learn, skills to update, news, things to do, work, relationships. It can all lead to overload and a lack of perspective.

This ‘loud mind’ can cause insomnia, stress and an inability to work out what you really want to focus on in life.

Switch off from noisy mind chatter

In time, we all get used to being busy and our mind-chatter becomes a constant companion, whether it is constructive or not.

However, the busier your mind, the more difficult it is to think clearly in a relaxed manner. Mind chatter prevents you living in the here and now, as well as stopping you from planning clearly for the future.

We may be too busy to meditate – but we need to take a break

Most of us can’t just sit down and meditate in a middle of a busy work day, but there is such a thing as ‘meditation in action.’  This  Quiet Mind audio will get you feeling more relaxed and clearer in your mind even during your most hectic times.  And at only 16 minutes, you could switch your coffee break for an audio break.

It will clear your mental desk so to speak and encourage mental space for easier and better thinking in day to day life. Having a quiet mind helps whether making decisions, being engaged in a meeting, playing sport, doing the shopping, or simply relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Having a quieter mind allows your subconscious to communicate more clearly the more important messages. Less mental ‘noise’ leads to greater well being and productivity.

It is when your mind is quiet that it can produce solutions and see wider patterns so that you can learn and act more effectively in life.

Download Dealing with Disappointment and Quiet Mind now and enjoy some inner peace, no matter what is going on around you. (2)

(1) Color Your Dreams by Juliet Madison

(2) Hypnosis Downloads

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