Identifying False Leaders

False leaders are prevalent in the so called black community. But they have not helped the people out of the destructive circumstances they find themselves in. Why?

Christ Called Out False Leaders

We are a people looking for a savior

How do we identify a false leader according to the bible? Anytime we find out that a leader in our community turns out to be against us, we say that he is an agent sent to destroy us. The fact is our own community churns out enough false leaders to keep us in a negative situation. At this time, our enemies do need to send in anyone else. Deceit and deception rule the day in the black neighborhoods.

There is a path to follow

What is needed is information to learn to escape the destruction that is here and will soon ramp up a thousand fold. Christ gave us the direction needed to navigate these times. The following video will point out how to find the path to freedom.

Video: False Leaders are Worse Than Agents





Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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