An Israelite Message to Muslims

A call, an Israelite message to Muslims, is going out. Why are you Hebrews converting to Islam? NO one is born an Islamist, not even Muhammad himself. There is no such distinction in the Bible. There is however, an inheritance to Hebrews.

True Children of Israel Throw Off the Chains of Islam

What Are Muslims Hiding?

You would be appalled at what the original Muslims and the Muslims in their home country really feel about so-called Black people. Even the Muslims here, behind closed doors, have the same negative attitudes toward Hebrews.

What is the true history? Let’s have a biblical and historical look at how the nation of Islam have exploited our people in the past and how they continue their practices against our people today.

The following video will give a thorough break down. It will be an eye opener.

Video: An Israelite Message to Muslims



Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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