Mission Statement

The Iris Chapman Blog Mission Statement

Discover, Learn, Recover, Take Action

mission statement

Discover, Learn, Recover

The Iris Chapman blog helps the God of the Bible’s (Ahayah Ashar Ahayah, I Am That I Am) people to discover who they are, learn about their ancestors and history and recover their relationship with Ahayah. Once discovery, learning and recovery are in motion, then action is needed.

Take Action

This blog also aims to help people connect with the Gathering of Christ Church, grow in positivity, then find and help others to gain an understanding of who they are. All need to know the real history of this world and where they stand in it. This includes the gentile (anyone who is not a Hebrew) for they can also play a positive part in the kingdom that is to come.

The video below will help you form a solid foundation in salvation to plan your prosperous future in the service of The Most High God. Blessings!

Video: The Foundation of Salvation

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