Pisces I

Piscean 1 Energy

Piscean 1 energy will affect all of us during this time of year. Its all about you Pisces! Pisceans born during February 23 – March 2 are known as in the Pisces 1 phase.

Pisces energy is divided into four realms; the cusp and phases 1 – 3.

Piscean 1 Energy

In the book, “The Secret Language of Birthdays”, it says, “The Pisces 1 period takes Spirit as its central image.” That means this group is very spiritual. More than likely, Pisces who belong to this group have a sense of wanting to serve a higher cause no matter where their life course has lead them.

“The Pisceans in this group may be aloof, perhaps preoccupied by self-importance or the importance of their work. They may also feel infallible with a better-than-thou or know it all attitude. And because the whole world is now under this influence we all may be experiencing a twinge of this attitude ourselves.

Yet, Piscean 1 people have a surprisingly realistic view of life, in all of it’s many aspects. Their interests roam over the entire range of human knowledge – from the practical concerns of daily life to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. What this means for all of us non-Piscean people is that if we have been contemplating expanding our horizons in some way, this is the perfect time to do it.

A Spiritual Time of Year

You have a tendency to not regard spirituality as some far-off dream state, but a more enlightened or conscious way of dealing with the here and now. For the rest of us this is a great time to connect with the spirit realm more fully and integrate that way of life into the everyday way of doing things.


For Pisces I and all of us during this time of year:

“Sometimes you need to be more aggressive. Keep in touch with everyday matters and remain attentive to your needs and the needs of others. Beware of alienation through placing yourself on a higher plane. Seeking a higher state of consciousness need not mean avoiding shouldering the work of life.” – The Secret Language of Birthdays.

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