Four Steps to a Positive Body Image

When you take steps to a Positive Body Image, it shows through to your outer self. And when this happens, other people feel at ease around you and actually see you as more attractive.

Increase Your Body Confidence 

Do you have a habit of being judgmental and critical about your own body?

Have you been known to avoid situations where you feel others will judge your body?

It’s natural to want to improve your body, because when you look good this tends to mean you’re getting enough exercise and are eating the right things.

However, the important thing to consider is what type of attitude you’re adopting towards yourself during this time.

Because if you’re putting yourself down, telling yourself you’re inadequate and ugly, then this is a form of bullying and it needs to be addressed.

The most beautiful thing you can wear in confidence. ~ Blake Lively

Affirmations, Activity, Meditation and Hypnotherapy to a Positive Body Image

1) Affirmations

Choose an affirmation and repeat several times daily or during meditation.positive body image

  • I am supported and encouraged in all my endeavors. Confidence is natural to me.
  • I am confident in my ability to do my best, to look my best and that is all I need to do.
  • The more I accept myself as I am, the more confident I become.

2) Activity

Three Tips to Practice a Positive Body Image

  1. When you are given a compliment on your looks, smile and say thank you instead of brushing it off.
  2. When you look at yourself in the mirror, don’t focus on individual body parts. See yourself as a whole package, a complete person.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people who value who you are and the things you contribute to life.

3) Mini Meditation

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Think of a time you felt really confident. What were you doing? How did it feel in your mind and body? Focus on those feelings. Now, take those feelings with you as you imagine something you would like to do or achieve, something that you feel you need more confidence for. See yourself achieving your goal with ease and confidence. Focus on how it will feel to do this, and as you return to your day, let the benefits you felt propel you forward to the next step with confidence. (1)

4) Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis helps you develop a respectful attitude towards yourself

The media’s unrealistic representations

Of course, every day, we get bombarded by the media showing us photos of airbrushed models, which presents an unattainable body image. Being surrounded by unrealistic representations of other people’s bodies makes it difficult for you to find inner peace and self acceptance.

However, the good news is that it is possible to change the way you feel about, and treat, your inner self.

Increase Your Body Confidence is an advanced audio hypnosis session that works with your unconscious mind to help you treat yourself with dignity and compassion, so you can begin to feel happy with who you are. When you take these inner steps to feel positive, it shows through to your outer self. And when this happens, other people feel at ease around you and actually see you as more attractive.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you’ll notice that:

  • You feel completely comfortable in yourself
  • Your old hang-ups about your body disappear
  • Life becomes simpler and more enjoyable.

Download Increase Your Body Confidence and live an enriched life, where you feel naturally confident in yourself and your body. (2)

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(1) Color Your Dreams by Juliet Madison

(2) Hypnosis Downloads

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