Who is the Real King James?

It is mandatory to God’s people that they understand that the real King James, who authorized the 1611 King James Bible, evidently from the tribe of Judah, looks like the very same people who are part of God’s people today.

King James the VI and the I

A Hebrew From the Tribe of Judah


real King James

It does matter who God’s people were in the past and who they are today. Every other group of people in this world know who they are except for God’s true people. It is time for God’s people to wake up. America’s so called Black people, the ones who were enslaved here, are not Africans. They are Israel. They are Hebrew. They are Jews.

This is the heritage of American Black people. The Bible is your people’s book. The Hebrew’s book.

History is important. Heritage is important. You are important and deserve to know your history and understand your heritage. The Bible is the history of your heritage.

Most of  the images of King James VI and I, have been vandalized to make him appear to look like a man of a color different from what he really was and also some have him in eye shadow and lipstick as if he were a gay man.

This deception was deliberate and malicious. Remember, this is the same book that was used to help enslave God’s people early in the history of this country. Why would they tell the very people they are enslaving and murdering that they are God’s chosen people and that King James was one of them?

It is important to do the research. It is important to know the truth.

The Hebrew and Bible Academy

The video below will help you discover the history of King James and the truth concerning him.

Video: The Truth Concerning the Real King James


Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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