Reiki Cornucopia, What is It?

Reiki cornucopia is an abundance of spiritual knowledge. We have such a vast harvest of knowledge through our myths, fairy-tales, legends and stories that we mistakenly take them for granted. This month I will post two mindful, chakra healing meditations that will be based on these stories. I will post other things as I channel the idea and of course, I will be posting the reiki teaching videos on my YouTube channel:

I often say, “Everything is energy and Reiki is Universal Energy.” Reiki goes with everything.

reiki cornucopia - what is it?

Spiritual Reiki Cornucopia

Although I don’t know which myths I will choose yet, I promise they will be helpful at best, and at least, a different way of looking at the story than what is usual. I would love to do more.

And I do plan to revisit this topic again and again over time. I will come at the subject matter in ways that I hope will be interesting to you.

We all have options and opportunities we may not have realized. The universe wants to give us what we want. The Cornucopia is known among others things as a holder of spiritual abundance. This of course, is how I choose to see it. It being filled with spiritual food, that when eaten, gives the consumer rich spiritual knowledge that leads to all kinds of other abundances.

The reiki lifestyle can fit into and will benefit anybody that is willing to learn it. It is all there for you so reach out and wholeheartedly choose it.