Reiki for September 15

Reiki for September 15. Happy birthday! for those of you born on this day. The positive energy brought to us on this day are: observation, effectiveness and efficiency. This days energy can be harnessed by anyone. You are all Creator Gods, use this energy in your best interest.

Today’s Essential Oil

Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia)

  • Courage
  • Strength

Today’s Mudra


Mudras, on a spiritual level, are an outward representation of one’s inward intentions.

Assists with: spiritual discipline, transformation, willpower

Benefits: optimized digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Supports the kidneys and adrenal glands. Cultivates determination and commitment to releasing self-limiting beliefs.

Focus: My sense of positive determination arises from within

Mudra Instructions

With each hand, curl the fingers inwards, bring the pads of the fingers toward the palms, thumbs on the outside. Bing the heels of the hands together and join the second joints of the fingers.

Extend the two thumbs, and bring together. Hold hands lightly against your abdomen. Relax the shoulders down and lengthen the spine.

Reiki for September 15 Meditations and Affirmations

Mindful Meditations

  • Divine right action is always taking lace in my life
  • Only good comes from each experience
  • It is safe to grow up


  • I have the courage to want the very best for myself

The Day of Mastery

Reiki for September 15

Video: This reiki treatment is especially for September 15’s energy though reiki is beneficial whenever you use it.

YouTube Video:

If the video above doesn’t play click link:

Separator by Gordon Johnson of Pixabay

Iris Chapman

Iris Chapman, the alchemist, is a minister, a reiki master, a hypnotherapist and a lifelong lover of the bible.

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