Reiki for September 16

Reiki for September 16. Happy birthday! for those of you born on this day. The positive energy brought to us on this day are: big heartedness, courageous, and honesty. This days energy can be harnessed by anyone. You are all Creator Gods, use this energy in your best interest.

Reiki for September 16

Video: This reiki treatment is especially for September 16’s energy though reiki is beneficial whenever you use it.

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Reiki September 16 essential oil Juniper

Today’s Essential Oil

Juniper is considered one of the first plants to be used by human kind.

Today’s Mudra

Liberation Mudra

(Bhairava Mudra)

Assists: Unity, Freedom, Liberation

Benefits: Assists all the systems of the bodt. Supports inner stillness and courage. Releases fear

Focus: I honor the innate union of consciousness and bliss

Meditations and Affirmations

Mindful Meditation

A dragon does not always have to be slain, it can sometimes be befriended.


  1. I am love.
  2. I choose to love and approve of myself.
  3. I see others with love

The Day of Spirited Energies

secret language of birthdays video

Crystal of the Day

Seriphos Green Quartz

Surrender to this moment exactly as it is, and your heart will open, realizing what needs to be left behind as you join with the Conscious Universe on a journey of your own healing.

Separator by Gordon Johnson of Pixabay

Iris Chapman

Iris Chapman, the alchemist, is a minister, a reiki master, a hypnotherapist and a lifelong lover of the bible.

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