The Mark of the Beast and the RFID Chip

Will the RFID chip send us down the spiritual path of no return? Many are saying that it is the mark of the beast as stated in the book of Revelation in the Bible. 

The Micro Chip

Many are saying that it is the mark of the beast as stated in the book of Revelation in the Bible. Of course, those who will push it on a portion of the population that have no choice, such as those in our jails, say that it is necessary. Will we all be eventually pressured to get this chip? Why is it so important? Is deciding whether or not to get the chip going to be the most important choice of our lives?

Some are saying the micro chip is the next EBT card. We know that the elite decide whether the economy thrives or not. It is a proven fact. Today, by design, we have more people dependent on the government more than ever. This government is a beast and it has set people up to receive its mark. But it is not only the poor who have been primed to receive the mark. People who are technically savvy, business people, professionals, children, students and just about anyone who is not spiritually awake.

mark of the beast

Plus, there will be a money/banking crash. There may also be a false flag shutdown of the EBT cards and/or bank cards from cyber attack: not to mention the fact that your health benefits will also be tied to this chip. We have seen disasters increasing, whether man made or not. They will use this as an excuse to chip people. This system knows that people will stand in line to get the RFID chip when it seems there is no way around it. 

The Mark  of the Beast – Is There a Way Out?

There definitely is a way around getting the mark of the beast. Awake Hebrews and find Ahayah. Below is a video on the Biblical view of the mark of the beast, the RFID chip and how important this subject is to all on the face of the earth today.  You have been slated for destruction.

The Hebrew and Bible Academy

Alert! The Mark of the Beast is Here!!!!



Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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