Satan’s Legions: a Sabbath Lesson

Satan’s legions are ready and are eager to bring destruction upon the earth. Robots and technology are being prepared to be used as weapons against the Most High God’s people. We have an even greater advantage. Learn what that is and how to achieve it through the pages of the Bible.

Satan’s Legions Are Coming – Be Prepared

It would seem as if we would have no way to protect ourselves, long term, if the government should turn against us. But that is not true. We have a protection that is more powerful than any power that should come against us. The bible tell us about it.

The following video will bring out from the bible what the Most High has said about these times we live in. Being prepared is important. Put on your spiritual armor. Satan’s legions are looking to kill everyone especially God’s people.

The Hebrew and Bible Academy

Video: The Legions are Coming


Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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