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Deciding on a Spiritual Journey?

Deciding on a spiritual journey is well – personal. Nobody can make the decision for you and they cannot make the journey for you either. One thing is for sure, all personal journeys are different.

There is no way anybody can tell you what to expect. We can only tell you the outcome will be well worth the journey.

So, buckle up (the Bible says gird your loins) and take courage. Your spiritual guides are there to assist in any way possible. They are also at the finish line cheering and waving you on.

So off you go!

In the video below, Wes Chapman shares his experience knowing that his voice will be beneficial to the collective by making the road less traveled a little more traveled.

Video: Deciding on a Spiritual Journey

Separator by Gordon Johnson of Pixabay
Author: Eight_8_Ways
Iris Chapman is a researcher, lover of all the beauty on earth and in heaven, blogger and video maker.

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