Spiritual Warfare

For true spiritual warfare to occur, the cleansing of The Most High’s people must occur first. Then they can begin to manifest the same kind of miracles we read about in the Bible.

Spiritual Warfare

Demons Fighting Demons

The so called exercising of demons and what we have seen up to now are mostly demons fighting other demons for possession of a person. The person is still possessed by a demon. It is just one that is more conning. It will not openly show itself and it will prove to be much harder to be rid of it.

Fighting Demons With the Power of The Most High Ahayah

The Most High had hidden himself from his people because of their persistent disobedient breaking of the covenant they had made with him. It was clear what would happen if they kept the law, statutes and commandments. It was also clear what would happen if they did not. We have seen from currant and historical events the curse played out on the people of the covenant.

Now that The Most High is calling His people back, they are cleansing themselves and staying true to the laws, statutes and commandments as much as humanly possible. Because of this they are in line to manifest the Power of The Most High to cast out demons and other types of works only possible through Ahayah.

The video below will go into this topic in detail. 

Video: Spiritual Warfare – The Slaying of Demons


Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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