The Hermit: Tarot Inspired Dressing

The Hermit encourages us to find time for ourselves. Quiet time. Meditation. It is the time for soul searching, seeking out our own truths about our past lives, our ancestors, our spiritual guides, all things us.

To get into the flow of the occasion, it is important to wear the right colors. Since The Hermits astrological influencer is Virgo, they share the same color pallet.

The Colors of The Hermit and Virgo

The color palette for The Hermit and Virgo include Earth colors, such as brown, green, black, yellow, orange, sky blue, and white. Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo its color is gray.

The Hermit

Mystic Mondays Tarot: The Hermit by Grace Duong

“Soul-searching is the name of the game, and you’ve decided to take the time to explore that aspect of yourself.

Wide – eyed truth seeker, you implore the deepest depths of your being so that you can know yourself in ways you didn’t know before. There was a certain restlessness with how you were living your day-to-day, knowing that there is a deeper meaning to life.

Soul- searching tends to be a solo journey, so you may be finding yourself withdrawing from social activities and retreating inside yourself.

You are seeking your deep inner truth and defining your core values, and if that means a night in with a glass of wine, then so be it. You are seeking alignment with your mind, body, and soul and are finding new ways of consciously prioritizing your beliefs into your daily life.”

Grace Duong

Mystic Mondays Tarot: The Hermit

Separator by Gordon Johnson of Pixabay

Iris Chapman

Iris Chapman, the alchemist, is a minister, a reiki master, a hypnotherapist and a lifelong lover of the bible.

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