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can heartbreak be healed
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Can Heartbreak be Healed?

Can heartbreak be healed? It seems that a loving God, Spirit Guides, or our Guardian…

Adam, Eve and the Apple
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Adam, Eve and the Apple: a Different Understanding

“Adam, Eve and the Apple, a different understanding?” you may ask. How can that be?…

affirmations are beneficial
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Why Affirmations Are Beneficial

Why affirmations are beneficial, well because they work. It is the best way to reprogram…

a winning mentality
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Cultivate a Winning Mentality

To Cultivate a winning mentality one must have faith in the God given talents we…

fitness is a passion
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Fitness is a Passion

Fitness is a passion that all of us can (and should) aspire to have. As…

confidence in manifestation
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How to Develop Confidence in Manifestation

How do we develop confidence in manifestation since we are unknowingly creating our life all the time? The answer is to have faith.