It Doesn’t Matter What Race You Are You Are Being Treated Like a Slave

Are you being treated like a slave? Nobody wants to be a slave. Is there a program that is running in the world today that is keeping the public at large in mental slavery? Evidently there is. The prototype was developed using The Most High’s people. Now it is used to target anyone anywhere in this world.

Do You Unwittingly Think Like a Slave?

There is definitely a reason for slavery. The reason for it is those who have set it in place benefit from it. They are also very determined to keep the program in place. Are you a victim of slavery programming? Nobody wants to think that they are. 

The Curse of Being Treated Like a Slave

You many ask how do I fight what we all have been conditioned for centuries to accept? How do I know I have been affected? The way to determine if you are is to examine the teachings from the bible. The Most High, Ahayah, tells us how we were meant to be and also how we would be taken into slavery and most importantly why.

If we understand the why then we can reverse the path we are on immediately. The following video will look into the subject in depth. Don’t miss this one!

The Hebrew and Bible Academy

Video: The Unrighteous Thinking of a Slave


Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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