Are There Unclean Foods According to the Bible?

Are there unclean foods that, according to the Bible, we should not eat? The Bible makes it clear that there are foods that are not beneficial.

Should We be Concerned About the Foods We Eat?

Don’t Eat These Unclean Foods

herbal health reviewWe are lead to think, by most churches, that all things are okay to eat. But are they? What does the Bible say?

There is a lot of talk about what things we should avoid if we are concerned about our health and the health of our families. Does the Bible itself have a say about what foods are to be avoided? Our Creator, you would think, should be the one authority we can rely on to give us valid advice. Yet, mostly that advice is ignored.

The Bible does give us a list of foods to stay away from? In Leviticus Chapter 11 of The Old Testament it outlines what foods are unclean:

  • Pork, bacon, ham
  • Rabbits, hares, rodents
  • Web-footed birds & their eggs
  • Birds of prey
  • All shell fish
  • Eels, snails, and creeping things that crawl, fly or swim

unclean foods

Does the New Testament then turn the law upside down? That would be confusing. The video below brings the scriptural understanding of clean and unclean foods to our attention and clears up the confusion.


The Hebrew and Bible Academy

Video: Clean and Unclean Foods


Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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