Who are the Illuminati?

Who are the Illuminati? This is a question that has people scratching their heads over because it seems that there are many groups who could actually be the Illuminati

Are the Illuminati a Real Organization?

Dear Ones,

The Illuminati have been spoken of much in recent times. Some say they do not exists. Others say that they have truly made their presence known. What is definitely true is that something is going on. There is a unified effort to bring the earth to a final destination. What the extinct of that destination is what has been hidden, though some of it has been known. 

The Lost Tribes of Israel figure prominently in the machinations of the Illuminati even though God’s people have not understood what has come upon them and have in fact participated with this maleficent group to unwittingly help them accomplish their goals.

Below is a video that will answer the questions about the Illuminati and uncover information that will help God’s people to understand what is happening with eyes open so that they can make decisions according to knowledge.

Much love to you.

The Video: The Illuminati Revealed

The quality of this video is not the best, please overlook that and focus on the information.


Iris J Chapman is a researcher, lifetime Bible reader and blogger.

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