Why You Should Listen to the Snake

Why you should listen to the snake or serpent written about in the Bible Genesis chapter three (3). First, I want to acknowledge that this flies in the face of all that I have been taught my whole life. The snake written of in Genesis chapter three (3) in the Bible was definitely, historically, something not to fool with.

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Why You Should Listen to the Snake

Iris Chapman and Wes Chapman

Before we can look at this in a sober way, we have to be willing to see the Bible as a spiritual book. Then we can see through the mythology of the Bible with the help of the spiritual, unconditional love of God. And even more so, we have to understand who I am talking about when I say God.

The God I am talking about is the Creator God mentioned in the first book of Genesis. The original language translated this God as Elohim. Elohim means many Gods. So who are these many Gods? As I have discussed many times in other videos, the many Gods are you and me and everyone else alive.

So now let’s get to the snake or the serpent. This snake or serpent is your intuition. This intuition, if healthy is the best friend you will ever have.

Why You Should Listen to the Snake Exclusively

The serpent or snake mentioned at Genesis 3:1 is the intuition. The Bible writers saw the intuition to be at best suspect. A low vibrational world would struggle connecting to the Higher Self. The Higher Self is where the intuition resides. Furthermore, the intuition was not only seen as suspect, it was seen as a beast. Subtle yet deadly.

We know now from science that everything is energy. When we look at how energy travels it can look very snakelike or serpent-like. Say we are trying to convey this concept to someone who has not been exposed to this knowledge before and is also working with a lower energy vibration.

When I say a person is working with a lower vibration I am referring to the energy to which their body is attuned . The higher vibration is accessible to everyone on earth now but it is not being accessed by everyone yet.

Your Intuition is Your Guide

Genesis 3:1-7 is the mythology of Eve’s interaction with the serpent. She is asked about some forbidden knowledge that she has been told to stay away from. Ultimately she intuits (through the Eve part of the brain) that the information is in her best interest. The Adam part of her brain then consumes the knowledge and reasons on it.

At that time, they, Adam and Eve (the right and left sides of the brain), realize this information will change their life and they both begin to find excuses for doing what they did. In other words there is some deep thought going on to the point of severe stress. Their life as been threatened.

Adam and Eve feel exposed. They are naked before each other and therefore want to hide the truth even from themselves by figuratively making aprons out of leaves. They make up a flimsy excuse for what they have done.

Genesis 3:8-13 is the age old heartbreaking story of mankind allowing others to dictate to them what their life will be like. Remember we are all of us Creator Gods. None are greater or lesser. There is no one we should be afraid of if we are looking to live our best lives, be our best selves. The Almighty God is in our corner. There is no such thing as forbidden knowledge.

Iris Chapman

Iris Chapman, the alchemist, is a minister, a reiki master, a hypnotherapist and a lifelong lover of the bible.

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